Last week the Obiter received a heinous and despicable anonymous email directed at Andrew Monkhouse in response to his "Letter From An Editor". The tone and hostile nature of this letter is an unacceptable response to a student’s opinion expressed in our community paper.

While the Obiter respects healthy debate and is open to diverse points of view, the Editorial Board can never condone such offensive rhetoric. Such response does little to further constructive engagement; students should feel safe to express their views on a variety of issues.

In addition to aforementioned email, we received a number of emails responding to Andrew’s letter last week. As per the editorial policy of many newspaper publications we have reserved the right to print a select overview of the letters received. We elected to print 3, which sum up the various positions. Notwithstanding any further developments, we hope this issue is now closed.

This year at the Obiter we have witnessed a lot of student involvement with important issues, e.g. Bill C-10, the Davies ad, the Occupy movement and the services (or lack thereof) currently available at Osgoode, to name a few. It has always been our policy to foster an environment in which people can respectfully challenge each other. We hope that this continues and the Editorial Board will do what it can to facilitate this kind of community discourse.

As part of this discourse, we at Osgoode Hall are all beholden to higher standard of responsibility for our actions and opinions. Our professional education necessitates that we reflect on ourselves and the community in which we are situated at all times.

We want to thank everyone who continues to contribute to the paper, and also wish to express our sincere gratitude to all those who make working at the Obiter an interesting, exciting and a unique learning experience for us.