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Horoscopes for Osgoode Hall



By now slowly sinking feelings of frustration, confusion and despair are looming over you like a giant monster ready to swallow you whole. Remember to battle forth courageously, and no matter how bleak and horrible the looming dread of future commitments may appear, have faith that you will get through the next few months relatively unscathed.



By now the depth of the challenges you have undertaken will be starting to slowly crush your shoulders into fine powder that will likely form the mortar of some greater construction. The weight that you carry now will eventually pay off, but the next few weeks will be a rocky ride of uncertainty and apprehension. Although the oppressive like regime that you are currently enduring must continue, it will eventually be worth it, in the long run.



Your ability to think about multiple points of view, and adequately engage with contradicting opinions is about to overload itself entirely. The difficulty of successfully grappling with ideas that just don’t work together is far too much for anyone to take. You might do well to adopt some more black and white thinking and dismiss the arguments you don’t like as just stupid, rather than trying to rationalize everything.



By now you will find yourself surrounded by comrades and companions in a surreal sort of way that you didn’t think possible two months ago. The genuine daringness you are surrounded with is a blessing. Learn to accept the good things that have come your way.



Frustration about the state of things has become an almost constant for you. Rather than focusing on how you want things to be, you are being forced to accept things as they are. The sooner you can realize that everything is as it is and there’s damn little that you can do to change it, the sooner you will realize that you actually can change things if you want. This paradox will confuse you for awhile yet. Allow yourself to be comfortable with discomfort. It’s the only way.



You might find yourself asking the very poignant question: why am I here? Not in the great existential way of contemplating the very nature of existence, but rather the very real circumstances you find yourself in. All I can say is that you must be doing it for a good reason. Find what that reason is and don’t let go, no matter how fragile the connection between your reason and the reality may appear.



This month will be a challenging time for you. You’re seeking balance in a very unbalanced world. The circumstances of your existence are in flux and the shifting nature of things makes finding your footing difficult. Might as well coast for now, and worry about steadier pacing in December.



Birthday Time! Party out! Have fun! There’s a lot to do right now, and things you could be working on, but why not just kick back and take it easy for a bit—I know I would.



The future is beginning to look a little less bleak. The overwhelming feeling of feeling overloaded has now transformed into a dull numbness to the realities of your situation. The focus you found earlier this month will serve you well going forward. By now you have learned to prioritize in totally new ways, that you didn’t think were possible several months ago. Don’t get into a dull routine of counting down days though. Remember to stay interested in the plethora of options surrounding you.



Indecision abounds. You will find it very difficult to commit to any one idea. As soon as it seems as though you’ve made up your mind, something else will make you reconsider everything, and I do mean everything. So, while in doubt just remember that not even the judges on the Supreme Court can agree on things. Carry your indecision forward, and make everyone else doubt their decisions. It wont help you in deciding things, but you might feel better that others now share your confusion.



By now you will find it hard to think about anything without it provoking some thought, or legal doctrine. Soon you will turn into a large human shaped computer, excellent at calculating how different principles apply to different cases. However, make sure not to lose sight of your human companions. Your obsession with rules might make it difficult to socialize if you don’t reign it in a little.



Things are starting to look up. The earlier discomfort experienced has become a subtle background irritation, like a mosquito bite that you’ve almost forgotten about. The problem is that whenever you try to think about something else, you realize that it’s still there—not totally gone. Now is a time to focus so heavily on everything else that that uncomfortable feeling stays so far beneath the surface they’d need a Geiger counter to find it. Don’t betray your inner turmoil, it will dissipate soon.