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Horoscopes for Osgoode Hall




The next month will be filled with challenges. Big horrible uncomfortable challenges. You will find yourself sweating in a classroom for hours as the sands of the hourglass slowly slip away leaving you with a feeling that somehow you could have done more. Don’t worry about that. The truth is that you could always do more, and you most likely never will. The sooner you accept that the better.




Your stubbornness will be a boon to getting through the next month intact. You will need to grit your teeth, bear down and really struggle through. Keep your head down, your eyes on the prize, your nose to the grindstone, and your ear to the ground. There will be rest when you are done.




It was the best of times, it was the… ok well now it’s really just the worst of times. There is not a lot of silver lining to the storm that you are about to endure. The bright spot in the sky is far ahead of you, after all the storm clouds have passed. Get out your umbrella and weather the onslaught for another month. You’ll be skiing before you know it.




If your stomach feels like 100 angry cats are fighting over the half eaten remains of a dead mouse then you’re most likely doing better than your peers. As nervousness and stress start to mount you can look forward to the sigh of relief that will happen sometime in December, but for now I’d recommend some source of calcium and plenty of it.




Your fire has turned into a slow, smouldering sense of irritation that nestles somewhere in the cranium, forcing you awake at odd hours. Somewhere in all of it is a sense of something undefinable, something intangible, and something just difficult to quantify in any real sense of the word. Confusion is a constant companion now, but behind it is something else, something in between understanding and frustration. You will be unable to identify this thing clearly for the rest of the month, and then it will either make sense or just go away, either way, it’s temporary.




By now you’re beginning to wonder, “is it really worth it?” Short answer: yes, it is. Keep on keeping on there my friend. Your trials are almost at an end. You know, before they start up again, but in the mean time enjoy the reprieve that you are about to receive. That is when you get it. Until then you’ll just have to buckle down like everyone else. Keep your head down and things should work out.




Now it is time to moderate the moderation. Enough balance already, start swinging to extremes. Work harder than you ever had before. Fly off the handle at anyone that gets in your way, and power through the next month regardless of the consequences. Then, when it’s all done, party like you’ve never partied before. Carry this wild extremism into the new year, and then put it back on a shelf and get back to the humdrum business of re-establishing order.




Time to get busy. Fly about like you’re the Flash. Sleep 4 hours a night, or less. Caffeinate yourself as needed. It’s time to be frantic, almost desperate. Ride the edge of the knife and like a leaf on the wind find an opening to soar through. You will come to rest in a good place if you give yourself a chance.




This year’s birthday will be a bleak one. It will be ok, but you’ll be so swamped with work it will be hard to truly enjoy it. Now you’ll know the pain of having a birthday too close to Christmas. Oh right – that applies to half of you anyway. Well I guess it’s business as usual then. Everyone else will be so focused on what they’re doing that they will be likely to pay little if any attention to the fact that you are officially one year closer to the inevitable end that we all face. Oh well, try to go out and have a good time anyway.




Your birthdays, for those of you that have birthdays this year, will definitely be better that the ones celebrated earlier in the month, and for those of you with birthdays in January. It’s gonna be incredible. Party time, – later though. For now you gotta get through. Although that’s gonna be hard to think about with all the visions of white flakes, and hot chocolate, and New Year’s Parties and Christmas and – oh heck just forget it. There’s too much studying right now. The party will come later just remember that.




Stoically going forward without any signs of emotion will be your best strategy for the next few weeks. There is a break coming. Make sure you make it to the break, without breaking yourself first. Slow, deep breaths, and a calm composure with everything will serve you well. Whatever you are feeling is best dealt with later. For now it’s time to put ice water in your veins.




Strain and anticipation are the themes of the month. You will struggle, and you will work, and you will persevere. There is a glimpse of future brightness. Stay focused on that. We are heading into a long and dark winter, but there will be a warm spring soon enough.