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Horoscopes for Osgoode Hall


By now you should be feeling rejuvenated, ready for action, and maybe some winter sports. Enjoy the time you have right now, it will soon evaporate into a cloud of fog and confusion, but you should have a few weeks respite before things get uncomfortable again.



Returning to friends and colleagues leaves you feeling as though you have just awoken from a dream. One of those pleasant fluffy ones that makes you linger in bed just trying to hold on to the memory for a minute longer. The cold splash of reality will seem initially refreshing, and you will want to spend some time outside, before the slowly sinking feeling of anxiety starts taking over completely and entirely as you look forward into the unknowable future. You can count on colleagues to help you out for now, but they too will soon collapse into piles of nervous tension. Enjoy the comradery for now, soon you will need to become more rugged and independent.



Yay! There’s another year ahead of you, and the oppressive weight of extra work hasn’t hit you yet. Things seem really sunny right now, and I don’t just mean the melting snow. There is a positive glow about the air, and everything is wonderful… for now. The dark times are close at hand, so use this fun time to stock up your store of smiles. You’ll need them to fight the grimaces (no not the McD’s character)



Why is one of the worst diseases the name of an astrology sign. It must be frustrating dealing with that association. Regardless of that fact your worries seem far away and distant. No matter what anyone seems to say there’s a feeling that nothing bad could happen. That feeling is wrong, there is something horrible about to happen, and there’s no telling when the hammer will fall, so don’t even bother obsessing about things you can neither change nor predict. Just remember that someone did say that it would happen. Maybe this will make you laugh in the face of the tragedy.



For some reason there is a restless feeling about you. You may find it difficult to relax, with the feeling that you should somehow be doing things differently. So, go ahead and throw caution to the wind, unwind and have fun. Enjoy the hell out of yourself and just push that nagging feeling of needing to accomplish something out of your mind, for now at least.



You’ll find yourself surrounded by friends and companions. The next month promises to be filled with fun and excitement, and not too much work. If you think that there’s a lot of work, then you’re in for a shock. The next few months will have much much more.



A wild fanaticism that carried you through the holiday season now begins to simmer down. You will gradually re-establish some kind of routine and by the end of the next month you’ll be sick of it. For now enjoy the calm before the storm.



It is a time for companionship. Enjoy the company of others. Share some drinks and laughs, you will need them for the time ahead. The bonds that you strengthen over the next month will be the ones that carry you through the next few months. Right now everything seems fresh and exciting. Take advantage of this fresh glow and polish them apples while ye may.



Having officially recovered from yet another holiday season, you are now ready to get back to the grindstone. Make sure to work hard right now as that is what you need to focus on to get through the next month. While others are revelling and drinking, you should stay focused on the larger goals and tasks at hand. It’s ok to unwind a little, but make sure not to get carried away to extremes this months or you will find the next month or 2 to be incredibly difficult. Putting in the work now will pay immense dividends and you’ll be the one with the biggest smile all summer. Keep your head down for now, there’s a storm coming and you don’t want to get anything in your eyes.



Happy birthday. I hope you had/will have a good one. There’s a lot to do, but you can put that off for now. February will be a great month to play catch up, and by march you’ll be completely on top of things. Relax and enjoy the revelry. There’s only so much time so enjoy it. YOLO and all that, etc.



Temptation will be a large feature for you this month. You will find yourself with hard decisions around whether to party or work. You should try to do a little of both. Partying too much will make you feel sluggish and resentful. When you find yourself thinking that you’d rather be getting some work done than partying, then it is time to listen to that inner voice and get back to something productive. When your head starts hurting from excessive amounts of concentration, you’ll know that it’s time to go out again. Simple right.



You may find this month a little ambivalent, or maybe even apathetic. Don’t worry, you’ve never dealt with this time of year well. You do have a birthday to look forward to. I promise things will start getting better after that. For now just try not to cry right in front of your friends. It will make them feel uncomfortable. There are Councillors who get paid for that, and you might find them to be very helpful.