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Starry Decisis

Goodbye Monkey, Hello Rooster



Everything is fun and exciting. There are many distractions to your regularly scheduled business. Just remember not to get too carried away with the festivities.



Is it really time to get back to work already? It doesn’t seem like it yet, but I assure you that the longer you procrastinate the worse your March will be. Do what you can now, and you may avoid a few tears in the future months.



Work work work, that is all you do, and all you should be doing. You have had way too much time off, and now you must buckle down. It’s true, no matter how little you want to accept it.



You want to relax and have fun, but you know that no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to fully relax until you start the pile of work that you have been avoiding. Start compiling summaries or something useful, and quite doddling with useless things like this column.



Now is the winter of our discontent. You might as well just abandon any hope of joy or happiness in the coming months and embrace the wintery slumber of despair. Don’t worry, this depression will slowly melt away, leaving you feeling purged and ready for something new, but the process will take several weeks, like a slow spring thaw.



Nothing much to do but study. Keep your head down, and your heart light. Remember that putting in time now is just a way to keep from going totally off the wall in about six weeks from now, as the dawning realization makes you painfully aware of how close you are to a respite from all this drudgery.



By now the routine really is quite routine. Just stay the course for another two to three months and everything will be fine. The routine isn’t so bad, the temptation to break out of it is. Don’t get too carried away by all the fun things that your colleagues are telling you about. They’re lying. They’re not really having fun out there, they’re just avoiding the pain of sticking to a routine. And I assure you, the routine is way better than the shock that is coming to all the procrastinators out there.



Solitude will do you well this month. Avoid parties, pub nights, and other social activities. Act like you have a cold, or that you don’t want to get one. Stay home and forget about all the fun stuff for now. Really, now is not the time to party. In fact, you should just stop having any fun at all for the next two months. Then you can enjoy the summer. Remember, winter is a time for quiet reflection, and in this case very intense studying.



While you have always enjoyed winter, this year seems a little different. Everyone else seems doing something important, or interesting, or somehow fun, and you find yourself wondering if you are doing the right thing. The answer is that you probably are not, but that’s OK. You’ve never done the right thing before, so why should you start now. The thing you need to do is stop worrying so much, and just learn to relax. Then again, if you haven’t learned to relax yet, I’m not sure if you ever will.



Every day will bring a new decision. Remember to balance your social life with the grueling tasks that you know need your attention. Make sure to take time away from your desk, but not too much time away. Now is a time to get creative with your time off, and also to be diligent with the time that you must spend working on various projects. Time management will be a challenge, but I know that you’re up to the task.



By now you have had time to party. Now it is time to hunker down and get back to the work that you’ve been putting off. There will be things that try to call you away from your work. Try to deal with them quickly and efficiently and get back to studying as soon as you can.



Soon you will be another year older. Remember to celebrate it. There will be a lot of things that will compete for your birthday time, but stand firm and proud and make sure that people know that your day is yours. Make it yours and own it. Take back the date and don’t stop until the whole world knows that you have a special day and it’s coming soon.