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Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) Offering 141 Placements for Osgoode Students

Osgoode has long been a leader in experiential education. Administration, Faculty, and student leaders understand that it is critically important for students to gain the competencies and skills they need for the practice of law during their time at law school. Today, Osgoode offers a wide array of opportunities for students to hone their legal skills during their studies while also addressing access to justice issues.


This year, Osgoode students have many options to get out of the classroom and into the community. Pro Bono Students Canada’s (“PBSC”) Osgoode chapter has grown by 60% since last year and is now proud to offer Osgoode students approximately 140 volunteer opportunities across 40 distinct projects with 36 community partners.


With this unprecedented expansion, Osgoode’s PBSC program is the fastest growing in Canada and is now among the largest in the country. Osgoode students have more opportunities than ever to gain practical legal experience while making a difference in the lives of people in Toronto, Canada, and around the world.


Reflecting the unique diversity that defines Osgoode’s students and academic life, this year’s offerings are more diverse than ever before. PBSC placements cover a wide breadth of legal disciplines, including poverty, immigration, and family law. Students can explore their legal interests and begin practicing the skills they learn in law school to affect positive change in the lives of people who need legal services.


Students working with PBSC can take the skills they learn in the classroom and apply them to real legal situations. PBSC has 3 primary streams of projects: Research & Writing; Client Assistance & Intake; and Public Legal Education.


The Research & Writing stream transforms classroom skills into practical competencies by offering students experience drafting and completing legal documents in a real-world setting, as well as opportunities researching fascinating legal questions on pressing societal issues.


In the Client Assistance & Intake stream, students work face-to-face with vulnerable clients, working closely with lawyers to advocate and help clients navigate the legal system.


Lastly, the Public Legal Education stream allows law students to empower the broader community by providing workshops on legal rights and responsibilities, helping to foster access to justice in a society in which information is power and people increasingly find themselves involved with the justice system as self-represented litigants.


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Applications are due Friday, September 15th at 5:00 P.M.