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To everyone in the new year, we will be bringing more predictions for 2018. Stay tuned.




You are rejuvenated and refreshed. Ready for another term of enduring torture. Get ready for winter sports, chilling reports, and assignments to make you shiver; but don’t worry about that too much yet. You’ve got a ton of fun lined up. I suggest you enjoy it before the oppression of work consumes you.




You are well stuck in your groove at this point. Make sure that it does not turn into a rut. Remember to get out every once in a while. Lift your head up and look around. Then put your head back down and get to work. I mean, you still have a long way to go, even if it does feel like you’re making progress.




Now is the time to play and frolic. Make the most of the wintery landscape. Go skiing or something like that. Maybe take in a show or something. There will be time for work later, but for now you should just take it easy.




Fluctuations in your situation will cause you some concern this month. Look forward to next month when there will be a lull in your activity for a little while. Persevere through this difficult patch and the following weeks will unfold wonderfully.





You are surrounded by friends and enemies. It may be hard to tell them apart, especially when the enemies seem to smile more than the friends. Perhaps that is your clue. Don’t trust anyone who seems overly friendly, especially on a Thursday night.




Patience as a virtue will serve you best for the following month. Remember to stay on the course you have already plotted. The end is in sight, just a long way off. Try not to think too much about the crippling amount of work ahead and focus instead on the reward that will come at the end of it all, no matter how far away that seems (or actually is).




Now is your month to shine. The balance you have achieved will be the envy of your peers. Keep it quietly to yourself, and just smile as you watch the others around you struggle with what comes naturally to you.





Friends, family and social commitments may fall by the wayside this month. You have a lot of important projects on the go. Stay focused on the things that matter to you the most, and don’t worry about maintaining healthy levels of socialization. Those will return to normal, and all your old acquaintances will still be there when you finally take your head out of the sand pile.




This month will have many ups and downs. You will enjoy much of what you are doing, but there will also be tortuous events that will try every fiber of your being. You may find yourself questioning why you put up with it all, then something will make you remember your reason for being and you will have the necessary gumption to get over the next hurdle. Keep jumping through the many hoops of life, and before you know it, you’ll be running the circus.




Hey Shorty – It’s your birthday! So come on and Party! Like it’s your birthday. I wanna see you having so much fun that you barf. That’s right, spew those good time chunks and rock out with whatever appendage suits you. After all, it is your birthday. Make the most of this exciting and exhilarating time, because it won’t last. The dark times are ahead, but don’t even think about that. Just get out there and shake your debt collector (let’s face it, no one has a money maker anymore, those days are all gone now and only nostalgia remains). Have all the fun you can because years from now, when you are remembering everything that happened, you’ll be glad that you did.




Last, and this month, least. You really don’t have much to write about this month. It won’t be hard, but it won’t be easy. It’s just kinda neutral so try not to go to any extremes. No matter how hard you try it won’t work anyway. So just accept the mediocrity that has become your life and accept things are where they are and it’s not going to change. For you or anyone with your birth sign.