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Starry Decisis


Now is the winter of your discontent, but that will soon melt into the spring of indifference, which will turn slowly into the summer of apathy. This roller coaster ride seems more than ¾ done by now, yet you can’t help but wonder when the next maelstrom will happen. Looking ahead seems very bleak, most likely because it is. I wish I could tell you to remain hopeful, but honestly I don’t really know what you have to be hopeful for. My suggestion is to get used to a new feeling of indifference. It will be better than abject depression.



You have a long road ahead of you, and an even longer one behind. When staying focused on where you are going, it is important to remember where you’ve been. You’re kinda in the middle right now, like a 1970’s Tom Petty song. There will be much more of the same for a while. So, get used to it already.



It is true. Law school, despite all laws of physics, is entirely capable of sucking and blowing at the same time. You realize that it sucks, and blows, and will continue to do so for the rest of your time in the institution. Fortunately, that time is nearing an end. You have two more months of madness, and then a really crazy time beyond that. I’m not saying that things will get easier, just different. Make sure that you don’t allow your frustration to carry further than it has to.



The next month will proceed very slowly. There will be some time off, and a slackening of responsibility. Don’t be fooled by this tempting trap. While you may be motivated to binge watch your favorite episodes on net flicks, I can guarantee that dedication to your work through the next month will make the transition beyond that flow much more smoothly. Of course, you could just put off everything and deal with the crunch down the road. I mean really, the choice is up to you.



The weather reflects your mood: cold, bitter and harsh. You have just about had it, and that’s ok. Most of the people around you have just about had it as well. I suggest getting out and enjoying some comradery with the people in the same sinking ship that you would love to jump off of. Right now you are questioning why you got on board in the first place. I would suggest taking a deep look into those turbulent waters, where a seething mass throngs in the high tides of disparity.



This month proves to be challenging. There will be a delicate balance of debauchery mixed with diligence and hard work. The thing is, at the times you think you should be working you will need to party, and a number of occasions for partying will have to take a back seat to the work you need to be doing. Just remember to reverse your instincts this month and you should be fine.



It’s time again to moderate your moderation. Spend this month being stupidly lazy. This will give you the drive and the focus to get through the next hurdle. Save your strength for now. Soon you will need to unleash the bottled up energy into a frenzy of activity. The thing is that trying to work too hard on this right now will sap your strength for later and most likely won’t actually get the results you are looking for. Enjoy life for now. The memories of good times will do more to get you beyond the next hurdle than anything else you could accomplish.



Time to hibernate. This is a cold and nasty month. Best to stay indoors, maybe get comfortable with a large book, or four. Work on learning and educating yourself. The time for physical activity is not now. Don’t even go to the gym. Just stay inside, and go out as little as possible. Living like a hermit will be the best way to handle the rest of February.



Take time this month to enjoy the beauty of water crystals, in all their forms: snow, ice, even the ones you put in your drink to make it taste like strawberries. Get outside, and have a snowball fight with a stranger. Do something spontaneous and have fun. Take the time to look at sun glancing off the wintery landscape, and reflect upon your many achievements.



You just had a wonderful birthday. You have enjoyed revelry, and comradery and maybe even a little deep fried brie. Either way, now you must use the warm glow from your celebrations to keep you warm over the frigid ice storm that is headed your way. Keep inside, and stay focused. This dark time will pass quickly, and when it’s over you will barely remember it. So, don’t do anything memorable for the next month, so as to facilitate the dissipation of this unpleasantness.



Where did you go, my lovelies? Last month you were missing. I guess you were having so much fun partying that you forgot to show up for the Ostrology column. Well, get back in the game. We need your goatish nature. I mean it. From you that we derive our capricious law enforcement regimes. Where would carding be, without the ability to look out of both sides of your head? Get back here, we miss you and need you. I hope that your birthday was an excellent event unless you haven’t had it yet. If that is the case, you still have a chance to go walk about here. I would try to do that before Reading Week when everyone will be walk about, and then you will be just another part of the crowd. This month, dare to stand out and do something different.



Happy Birthday, slightly in advance, but you will be a year older before the publication of the next Ostrology column, so from me to you, enjoy being closer to your death than ever before. The wasted years of your youth are slipping away while you develop eye strain and a migraine from focusing on unintelligible doctrines used to control massive populations. Someday, you will reflect back on this crazy time in your life and wonder just exactly who it was that thought up this system. Unfortunately, I don’t know either. If I did, I’d tell you.


Take care and until next time