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Starry Decisis, March 2018

Whether you’re on campus during the strike, or reading this online, I can guarantee that this month will have its share of challenges, and it will be the last column that I write as your Ostrologist.




The month will be filled with turmoil and strife. The disruptions around you will cause things to stir deep within your core. It will be important to hold steady ground over these troubled waters. Wait a minute! Ground over water will likely sink. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Try not to get to wet out there in the spring rains.




This month is your month. There is a lot of bull headedness going on right now. People are positively locking horns. And little ground is being given. Maybe you could ask Aries for some of that ground, but I warn you, it may be under water. The important thing is for you to stand your ground, and make the most of this ground swell of courage and stubbornness. It really is a good months for bulls.




The two spirit nature of your personality will find expression in the duality of choices you are faced with this month. There are chances to go down one of two roads, but it seems clear that you will have to choose one path to follow. The twin nature of taking the road not taken will be the one thing you can’t get away with. It is time for making a stand, and this time Gemini, you will have to stick to the plan, ok.




This is the month for you to be that persistent burr or thorn in the side of the large beast. There are beastly things being done, and you will need to stay on guard to combat the bestial nature of this animal. Remember, sometimes the smallest little thing is the most significant part of the fulcrum. Remember, the kingdom was lost for the want of a horseshoe nail. Now you are that nail, and it is about time you decided how to exercise your power as a cog in the larger machinery of life.




Roar, the lion is ready to growl in opposition to whatever is opposing it. Now is a month for you to make the fierceness of your claws show. Bare your teeth and let your snarl be heard by all.




There are a lot of hostile tensions right now. Your best bet is to keep your head down and avoid the conflict as much as you can. Taking a stand is likely to be met with resistance. You will be better to keep to your own devices, mind your own business and let others mind their’s. Letting things go for now will suit you better in the long run. You will have a chance to clean up after everyone else has exhausted their efforts. Save your strength for the end game.




Keep things in balance this month. There is a lot of hostile energy. Don’t feed the flames, but don’t take any guff. Being over conciliatory will be adverse to your interests, but taking a hard line is unlikely to work either. Be flexible but firm. You need to straddle a line that will be difficult, but coming down on either side right now is premature, so stick it out and try to remain ambivalent.




This month is a good time to get out your stinger. Don’t back down, and don’t let others off the hook. If you encounter a Mealy mouthed person trying to dodge your questions, force them to take a stand. One way or the other you need to determine your friends and your foes. Remember if they aren’t against you they are with you. You can use the default of rebuttable presumption of support, but make sure that you don’t let people use this as an excuse to avoid the issue altogether.




This is a challenging month. You will find your friends divided around you. Some will pull you in one direction, and others will tug you the opposite way. You won’t be able to avoid the conflict altogether, but try to think carefully about the implications of a tri-alliance.




This month is an interesting one for sure. You will find yourself faced with many difficult decisions. Make sure to make them carefully. Don’t rush into anything hastily. Think carefully about everything, and make sure you don’t submit anything before the deadline.




You have come back this month with a vengeance. Now everyone seems to be acting capriciously. I hope your happy with all the turmoil you caused. This month is a good one for sitting back and watching the fireworks fly. Make sure to take a strong stand, and then just for the sheer joy of living up to your animal sign, fiercely defend the completely opposite position. It will really make people think about why they have drawn the lines that they have chosen to draw.




Last but not least. This month will be a good one for you. You are happy in your position, and you are happy in life. You should enjoy all that this experience has to offer. Remember that you really don’t have anything to stress about, when you think about it. Everything you think you should worry about will seem like it’s totally fine. You will have this background nagging feeling that there is something wrong, but as soon as you turn your mind towards what it is, you will suddenly feel logically like there isn’t a problem after all. That is because there isn’t. You’ve just been traumatized for so long you’ve forgotten what a stress free feeling actually feels like. Enjoy the enormous weight that has been lifted. I know that right now you might feel like you are missing your armour, but trust me, that 80lb straight jacket may have kept you warm in some ways, but it was restricting your movements. Now that you are free get out and stretch your fins.