Diversity Week

Osgoode And Specialty Legal Clinics: Challenges To Collaboration And Imagining Creative Partnerships

Members of Osgoode’s SALSA (South Asian Law Students Association)

In the article, “Osgoode’s Less Than Strategic Plan”, printed in the Obiter Dicta two weeks ago, Nick Van Duyvenbode identified a lack of collaboration between Osgoode and organizations outside of the GTA. For him, there is a legal world outside Toronto waiting for Osgoode to extend a hand. We think that Nick’s right: there is considerable room for growth between our school and organizations outside the city. At the same time, this should not draw attention away from the fact that Osgoode also faces significant challenges building connections within Toronto, and in particular, with organizations that do not have the resources of a Parkdale, CLASP or Human Rights Legal Support Centre...

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Dealing with the "Indian" Problem

Staff Writer

The Indian residential school system was a government initiative intended to achieve “aggressive assimilation.” Ultimately, the aim of the Indian residential school system was cultural genocide. Dr. Duncan Campbell Scott in 1920 referred to my ancestors as an “Indian problem” that Canada needed to rid itself of.

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Diversity Contest: "Why Does Diversity Matter?"

Osgoode Student

As the anthropologist Wade Davis reminded each of us in his delivery of the 2009 Massey Lectures, “The world in which you were born is just one model of reality. Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you; they are unique manifestations of the human spirit —other options, other visions of life itself.”.

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Diversity Contest: "Why Does Diversity Matter?"

Osgoode Student

Diversity matters, because we all matter. The words 'dignity', 'equality', 'rights', 'difference', and 'justice' have been plastered all over Osgoode. These words were well chosen; these words have power. ‘Dignity’ instructs us of the respect we should all give and receive; ‘equality’, of the ideal to strive for.

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Committed to Diversity: General Counsel Hope to Lead the Way

Career Development Office

Last May, a collective of 40 Canadian in-house counsel at banks and large corporations signed a pledge committing to diversity and inclusion within their own departments and in the law firms they hire. Companies and organizations like Kellogg’s, Xerox, Bombardier, Bruce Power, RBC and Ernst & Young are members of Legal Leaders for Diversity (LLD) and they are promising to practice and advance diversity and inclusion through their hiring and purchasing practices, by encouraging law firms to follow their example and by promoting diversity initiatives at all levels in the legal and business community.

This is, no doubt, an important contribution in the movement towards a more representative and diverse legal profession. The LLD is encouraging their members to demonstrate their commitment through the following “Be an Advocate” initiatives...

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A Note from the Osgoode OUTlaws

Co-Chair, 2011-2012, Osgoode OUTlaws

This week is Diversity Week, and the Osgoode OUTlaws are proud to be joining many other clubs as part of the celebrations and activities. February 14th will be Pink Triangle Day, a day to honour and celebrate the LGBTQ community here at Osgoode. My Co-Chair Frances Mahon, the executive, and I have organized a panel discussion on LGBTQ immigration at 2:30 in Room 1004.

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Reflections on Davies and Diversity

Black Law Students' Association

A few weeks ago, a student exercised courage by raising a complaint in regards to a Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP (Davies) advertisement published by the Obiter Dicta. Davies swiftly pulled the ad and issued a public apology. The incident resulted in a myriad of reactions that highlighted a variety of opinions. Read more ...

Women's Caucus on Sexual Assault

Hi all,

It has been brought to the attention of the Women’s Caucus that this week happens to be Diversity Week. Great! When we think about diversity, we do not only think about difference, but about equity, equality, access to justice, rights and the importance of questioning the status quo. In fact, the Women’s Caucus is celebrating diversity week for these reasons.

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