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The Obiter Dicta End of the Year Survey

Well Ozzies, this is it! The last survey of the year! We’ve picked the most popular and best answers to your questions. Enjoy!

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Re: Precedent Editorial


While sitting in the Junior Common Room at Osgoode Hall, I accidently picked up the latest copy of Precedent. I came across the main editorial, and, given its insensitive and misspelled headline “Slavishy Distracted”, an editorial replying to the reaction of Osgoode students to a misguided advertisement that appeared in the Obiter Dicta, I marked the page with a finger, skimmed a few more pages, and again saw what looked like a jab at the “Slavies” debate, and marked it with another finger.

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A Message from Dean Sossin

With an eventful academic term and year winding down, I want to take this opportunity to offer this final message. It certainly seems like more than a mere 7 months ago when the Osgoode community returned to the newly renovated building. The sense of excitement and relief to have all of our faculty, staff and students under one roof, and light pouring in the new JCR, Bistro, and Library windows, all contributed to making this year particularly special. The memories of our Building Celebration last October will stay with all those who were a part of it for many years to come.

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Zealous Advocacy in the Court of Public Opinion

Staff Writer

On Monday March 12th, Navigator Limited’s Jaime Watt came to give a talk to Ronald Podolny’s seminar class on Assessment of Litigation and Regulatory Risk. The topic of his talk was law and politics and the “cross pressures” that can occur when politics and law meet.

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Isolation at Osgoode

Staff Writer

On March 8th, the JCR was host venue to an amazing event. It was part fundraiser and part memorial to Wendy Babcock, a student at Osgoode who fought for social justice issues within her community and a fierce friend for many at this school. It was a magnificent event where everyone was able to enjoy amazing performances by their fellow students, some of who went out of their comfort zones in order to do something great for an amazing cause.

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A Spy in the House of Osgoode:
Cultural Learnings of Toronto for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Newfoundland

Osgoode News Editor

Guys, I have a confession to make. And now that it’s the last issue of Obiter, I feel safe doing so. I have been, and am currently, a spy for the Newfoundland legal profession.

I’m serious.

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