The Happiness Project: Halloween

CASS DA RE <Features Editor> Law school doesn’t leave much time for fun and childish endeavors. Law students don’t need werewolves, witches and warlocks to induce fears, trembling, and sweaty palms. Just ask the first years who just went through their first set of midterms.

The Prodigal Son

CITLALLY MACIEL <Staff Writer> The story of the Prodigal Son is one of Jesus’ parables which tells the story of a son who asks his father for his inheritance and then leaves and wastes it all. He then returns home and repents.

No Hockey, No Problem

DANIEL STYLER <Staff Writer> In 2004, I was significantly younger than I am now. I was at that stage where sports probably mean a little bit too much, and whether my favourite teams won or lost felt like the end of the world.

We The People

JEFFREY HERNAEZ <Contributor> As stated by Chief Justice Marshall in the famous US case Marbury v Madison, “the people have an original right to establish, for their future government, such principles as, in their opinion, shall most conduce their own happiness, [which] is the basis on which the whole American fabric has been erected.”