Hashstradamus: 2012 Predictions in the Wonderful World of Sports

Staff Writer

First off, Happy New Year (Yay! It’s a Celebration, B*tches! Let’s get Smashed!) and Welcome Back to School (Boo! I’m Depressed Now! Let’s Get Smashed!). I am not going to lie, I, for one, am pretty happy 2011 is done with, and look forward to new beginnings and success in the new year. Also, I’d like to apologize to all three of my readers (and my editors) for my lack of new content last term. As I mentioned, 2011 was a hectic year for me, and unfortunately I could not be as involved with the Obiter as I would have liked.

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Joe’s Not-Overly-Informed NFL Playoff Picks: Wild Card Weekend (Week 1)

Sports Editor

If some stupid old octopus named Paul was able to accurately predict the entire 2010 World Cup, surely I can take a stab at predicting how the 2012 NFL playoffs will pan out. As a Canadian sports fan, I am fully aware that I should probably be writing about hockey right now—about the Senators being a bunch of softies or about concussions ruining the NHL ...

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