The Success and Failures of Development: Comparing the Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals

On September 25, the United Nations ushered in the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), a fifteen-year plan to end poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation. Titled “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” the SDGs came into effect on January 2016 and replaced the Millennium Development Goals (“MDGs”) that expired in 2015. Notably, the SDGS …

JCR Opens Again … Finally

NADIA GUO <News Editor> The JCR bar opened again tonight much to the delight of the overworked and sleep-deprived everywhere in Osgoode. “Another great reason to procrastinate” was the general consensus of people I spoke to, and don’t we all need those from time to time to retain our precarious sanities.

Our Favourite Profs Comment on the Constitutional Issues behind Dr. Tourloukis vs. The Anti-Bullying Act

NADIA GUO <News Editor> Following the passage of Bill 13 in the Ontario legislature, which effectively became The Accepting Schools Act (or better known as the anti-bullying act), Steve Tourloukis, a dentist and father of two, raised concerns about his children being “indoctrinated” about issues like same-sex marriage in ways contrary to his faith.

No More Docking, No More Peeking

CITLALLY MACIEL <Contributor> What do a paparazzo and a gas station have in common? Well, if you have been attentive to the news lately, you may know that these refer to two events. Although seemingly different, they have brought about a series of legal questions and discussions back to the table. One is the issue …