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The Obiter Grows a Moustache

Just kidding. Newspapers can’t grow facial hair. But they can encourage it. This year, Movember returns to Osgoode in full force, with both students and faculty participating.
We endorse this activity, and offer the following enticement.

If you see an impressive ‘stache this month, or have one yourself, you need to do two things. First, make a donation to the Osgoode Movember team!

Second, send us a picture (obiterdicta@osgoode.yorku.ca). If your duster passes muster, your picture will be featured in our next issue, and the best Ozzie soup strainer earns a $150 donation to their Mo Space!

We know there will be ruthless competition, and there is only one, very important rule. Professor Kent McNeil is hereby and forthwith disqualified from this contest. Because that’s just not fair.