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Horoscopes for Osgoode Hall


Recent events will cause you to consider the nature and quality of agreements, most notably, what is a contract, how can people rely on expectations, and what exactly is consideration? You may find your own expectations challenged. Allow yourself time to adjust.



You will find yourself surrounded by comrades and allies. Remember that everyone around is going through the same range of emotions and challenges. You are not alone. Literally everyone is freaking out about now. So, you might as well just let loose, and enjoy the freaky ride.



Like always you will have two opinions (or more) about almost everything. The frustrating thing is that this time they are both correct. Choose the answer that you prefer.



Companionship will fare you well. Let go of competitive urges and remember to have fun. You might find yourself dwelling on this strange thing known as the curve. Chances are better than good that you will be right in the middle of it. So, don’t worry about it, because no matter what you do, you’ll end up there anyway.



Your fiery spirit will invigorate those around you. Carry this excitement and positive energy forward. You will need it as the following months unfold. Cold and flu season is upon us. So, remember to drink lots of orange juice, and avoid shaking hands with questionable people. Although, you might find the last thing hard to accomplish.



You have recently had a birthday. So, go ahead and party like it’s your birthday. I expect to see you at every pub night, and social event. If you are not I will be very disappointed. Shame on you. Do not let your cohort down.



You are definitely proceeding down a good career path for your sign. Stay focused and stay the course. Remember to keep things in balance. For every hour of studying you should spend two hours relaxing, and I don’t just mean Netflix. Go out and meet some people. It will do your body good.



You will find yourself looking far into the future for guidance. Remember to stay focused on the present here and now. You have a long way to go. I mean years, literally, years. Even after graduation, there’s the bar exam, and then articling, and who knows what else will happen. So, relax and remember to take your time. It will all happen eventually.



You have a plethora of opportunities before you. Remember to choose wisely. You actually can’t do it all. In fact, the whole system has been designed to create enough options that there will be something for everyone, and too much for any one person. Don’t start thinking that you are the one person who can do everything. This will just set you up for disappointment, and it will really irritate your peers.



You will find yourself fleeting from one activity to another with barely a breath in between. Just remember to breathe and everything else should flow naturally. Many opportunities will pass you by, but there are many more out there. You will find your path if you just remember to walk it. Don’t get too distracted by everything the many organizations – like The Obiter – will tempt you with.



Several events in the news will cause you to think deeply about your studies, and knowledge. You will soon find yourself questioning how anything and everything relates to the law. It will be almost unescapable. Things like calculating damages will become second nature, and you will never see hospital procedures in quite the same way, ever again.



You will stay awake late at night thinking about torts and injury law. You will awaken to contemplate contracts, and how to file with the court reporter, and before the day is out, there will be some criminal matter brought to your attention, maybe by the news, maybe by a security bulletin or update. Either way, this is a very nervous time for you. All I can say is, “what else is new. Get over it already and stop whining about it, ok?